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Customizable reporting software to streamline your company's processes

No more wasted time and money with unnecessary paperwork

No more fussing with fonts, logos, and formatting

Generate clean organized reports that are custom built around your company's brand and vision



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Did you know that over 70% of the time managers spend on property inspections could be saved by systemizing your process?


Portal View Inspections is pushing the boundaries of PropTech in order to create the most intuitive reporting software in the market!

We create custom inspection and reporting software specifically for property managers, asset managers, and other real estate professionals.

  • Keep your clients and team members up to date

  • Reduce liability by closing the loop on processes

  • Set authorizations for approvals directly through the app or the desktop

  • Save time and money by generating reports, work orders, proposals, and invoices directly from site visits

  • Reduce wasteful paperwork

  • Sync directly with your accounting and email systems for seamless functionality

Download our Beta version of the app to see how it can work for you and your team.






Test download is only $1

No tracking or hidden fees


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